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Flu Season 2019
First 16 weeks: 55 cases
Last 4 weeks: +165 cases
220 total cases
If you haven’t already, get your flu shot as soon as possible.
To stay up to date on the latest flu data check out...
Do you have a winter emergency kit in your car?
(Pro Tip: The answer should be yes - if not...get one!)
. @JacksonCountyHD is leading a group of local city & community partners who are committed to improving the health of Eastern Jackson County residents. #NationalCompleteStreets #BuildingaHealthierJacksonCounty @cityofLS @CityofGrandview & Sugar Creek
We want to help make your Thanksgiving Day a success, so we asked our friends @JacksonCountyHD for some food safety tips. Click below for the safest way to store those leftovers and more! #Thanksgiving #ThanksgivingWeek #vitalkc #foodsafety
So glad @JacksonCountyHD had the opportunity to participate in this VERY important conversation!
Tune in NOW as Communicable Disease Prevention Division Manager, @Chip_Cohlmia talks about what you need to know related to colds, coughs, and the flu! Listen in on 90.1fm or online at
@phendrana @Chip_Cohlmia What wonderful questions @phendrana. The sound of Chip's awesome is quite distracting to other staff. For that reason, his office is heavily sound-proofed complete with a large mahogany door.
Tune in tomorrow as Chip expands upon why the...
Communicable Disease Prevention Division Manager, @Chip_Cohlmia is back on the airways! Listen in tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. on 90.1fm or online at
as he discusses all things cold, cough, and flu! What questions do YOU want Chip to...
@ma_hengg and @meghan_senne at #APHA19 with research on school proximity to fast food restaurants. Check out the full report here:
Excited to attend the @leessummitcares 2020 State of the Youth Presentation for @cityofLS! How often do you get access to GREAT youth data like this?
Good luck to @ma_hengg and @meghan_senne at #APHA2019! They will be presenting our work on a walkability project in Buckner and research on fast food proximity to schools! We are extremely lucky to have such talented staff!
Nestle USA announced a voluntary recall of 26 varieties of ready-to-bake refrigerated cookie dough products due to potential of foreign material. Stores may include Costco, Walmart, Target, and other locations where Nestle products are sold. More info:
@BikeWalkKC We're so excited for this partnership opportunity!
Missed the @kcur interview with in-house expert @Chip_Cohlmia and the brilliant Dr. Mary Anne Jackson of @UMKC debunking flu myths?
Go get your flu shot and listen here:

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