Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more about our upcoming changes? Read on!

Where will the new Jackson County Public Health building be located? Will the hours change? When will the new location officially open?

The new address is 3651 NE Ralph Powell Rd; Lee’s Summit, MO 64064. Our office hours will stay the same, Monday through Friday (8am – 4pm). We are on schedule to open in Spring 2023. When an opening date is finalized, it will be announced on this page as well as social media.

When will the current location in Independence officially close?

We are on schedule to close in Spring 2023. When a closing date is finalized, it will be announced on this page as well as social media.

Why is the name changing?


What else is changing and why?

In addition to the name change, Jackson County Public Health will be rolling out a full rebrand, including a new logo, fonts, and color scheme—all created internally by our Communications team. This is the first rebrand for the health department since ______. The rebrand comes after three years of leading the charge against the COVID-19 pandemic in our community.


We envision a community where all people can live their healthiest lives. That vision starts with establishing a physical and digital presence that best matches our mission and the needs of our community.

Are any services changing?


Who led the rebrand efforts?

Our internal communications team has been hard at work on our brand refresh. Congratulations to all who contributed their time and talent to this project!

What’s next for Jackson County Public Health?

For the next few years, our priorities will include X, Y, and Z. Read more in our Strategic Plan: LINK.